Art is a Serious Discipline

It takes practice and dedicated study.  It takes thinking through very abstract matters - composition, value and edge control, to name a few.  A painting is not a product of a spontaneous inspiration (what is that?)  

In my blog, I will attempt to verbalize my thought process.  Hope other artists will find helpful information here, and that non-artists develop a deeper appreciation for what we do (or confirm that artists just think differently anyway).

PROCESS (Blog)  


My art studies began in Russia in an academic atelier-style 4-year Art School.  With formal entrance exams, semesters, grades, group exhibitions, you name it.  Classes included Painting, Drawing, Composition, Sculpture, Art History.   And required summer plain-air studies (that easel was so heavy at that time...   That's not all I remember, but I do remember that).  And plaster casts that we had to draw over and over.  And I don't even know how many still lifes over 4 years.  I believe that the fundamentals I learned there helped me in the following years and influenced how I approach a painting.

But most and foremost, this schooling cultivated discipline.   You go and you tackle that canvas.  You do what it takes to materialize your concept.  You shuffle things around and plan your work diligently - there is always a way to find time somehow, even if it feels you are maxed out.   And you are prepared to wipe out an area that took hours of work, because it doesn't fulfill for you what it's supposed to (regardless of what others say).

P.S.  Blogging about my process will hopefully somewhat feed my desire to teach more.  I am limited right now on time to do it more regularly.  In the blogs, I will try to cover at least some topics that I would teach in a classroom setting.  For further information on instruction, please contact me directly (navigate to my Contact page).

And do not judge HOW I say what I say (English is my second language, and there is not enough time to work on the best wording, as I also need to paint).

But do let me know if WHAT I say helps - or confuses - or else.  And let me know if there is any specific topic or a specific painting you want me to cover.