Flush, 30x30
The Pianist, 20x24
"Dreamy", charcoal, 24x36
Quit, 12x16
Yin and Yang, 18x24, charcoal and graphite on drafting film
Nestled, 18x30
Caught, 12x16
Sheets, 8x10
Sketch of a Blonde, 12x16
"Reclined Nude", 16x20
Skull On My Easel, 20x24
Back, 8x8
Beginnings, 8x10
Blues, 8x8
Abstracted, 8x8
Eyes, 5.75x5.25
Boy On Yellow, 8x10
Laurel, 6x8
Memory, 8x8
Patience, 8x8
Through, 8x8
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