Guard, 30x30
"Free: A Portrait Of An Artist", 48x48
Silence, 48x48
Bread, oil, 20x30
"Dreamy", charcoal, 24x36
Might Have Been, 20x24
The Boy And The Pomegranate, 14x24
Doorway, 9x18
Sheets, 8x10
ZigZag, 9x18
Timeout, 14x24
Caught, 12x16
Parallels, 18x30
Black and Green, 12x18
Yin and Yang, 18x24, charcoal and graphite on drafting film
Skull On My Easel, 20x24
Distressed, 9x12
Alenushka, 30x8
Crane, 6x15
Alenushka, charcoal and black gesso on drafting film, 18x24
Nude, charcoal/graphite, 18x24
"Head of a Girl", graphite, 11x14 inches
"Polina", graphite, 11x14 inches
"Cap", 8x10 inches
"Reclined Nude", 16x20
Amber, 20x24
Thinkers, 12x16
Cup of Tea, 12x15
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