Guard, 30x30
Birthday Cake, 18x24
Resplendent, 18x30
Pensive, 11x14
Alice, 18x24
Untitled, 18x21
When The World Turned Upside Down, 18x27
Warmth, 6x8
The Pianist, 20x24
After, 12x16
Arcs, 30x30
Cocoon, 30x30
"Free: A Portrait Of An Artist", 48x48
Bread, 20x30
Silence, 48x48
Prudence, 9x12
Tangled, 9x12
Almost Monochrome, 12x24
Planes of Reality, 16x20
Ania, 24x24
That What I Dream, 24x30
Indian Corn, 20x24
Blue, 11x14
Sheets, 8x10
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