Thought, 12x16
Insulated, 18x24
Silence, 16x16.  American Impressionist Society National Exhibition 2017
"Ania", 24x24 inches
Mettle, oil and silver leaf, 30x20
Writer, oil, 9x12
Jaded, 24x40
Untitled, oil, 8x10
"That What I Dream", 24x30 inches
Planes of Reality, 16x20
"She, Icarus", 18x24
Feminine, 18x20
Wafting in Crimson, 20x24 inches
Transitions, 12x16
"Anticipation", 9x12
"Azure", 18x24
"Hesitance", 20x30 inches
"Submerged", 8x10
"Blue", 11x14 inches
"Inquisitive", 6x8
"Repose", 16x20
"Red and Black", oil on copper plate, 6x8
"Self-Portrait with Peonies", 36x48 inches
Boy in Oversized Coat, 8x10
"Daydreaming", 6x9
"Evening", 18x30 inches
"Gentleman", 16x20 inches
"Red Dress, Back", 9x12
"Sketch of Julie", 12x16
"Turned Away", 9x12
"Jazz". 5x7
"Sketch", 9x12
"Wrought Iron Bench", 16x20 inches
Flight, 24x24
Portrait Sketch
"Somnolence", oil on copper, 9x12
"Indian Corn", 20x24 inches
"Peonies", 9x12 inches
"Off Center", 20x24 inches
Innocence, oil on marble, 6x6
"Arrangement with Sweet Peas", 20x24 inches
"Orchids on Japanese Chair", 16x20 inches
"Lush", 16x20 inches
"Red and White", 16x20 inches
Feathers, charcoal/graphite/conte, 18x24
"Red Arrangement", 16x20 inches
"Orchids", 12x30 inches
"Still Life with Sweet Peas", 16x20
"Hanging", 12x16 inches
"Reflections On Wood", 9x12
"Intertwined", 18x24 inches
"After", 9x12 inches
Sundrenched, 9x12
Sunset, 6x8
Girl on a Blue Chair, 24x18
Sketch, 6x8
Sketch of a Boy, 8x6
Sketch of Ania in White, 12x9
"Sketch in Almost Monochrome", 9x12
Sketch, 8x10
White Peonies, 12x16
Lost and Found (Rodin Museum, Paris), 12x16
Sketch with Red Pashmina, 12x9
"In The Shadow", 11x14 inches
"Still-Life with Red Cabbage", 16x20 inches
"Glow", 8x10
"Profile", 11x14 inches
Nika, oil on gold leaf, 5x5
Thinkers (Rodin Museum, self-portrait), 9x12
Red Dress, 11x14
Offering, 14x11
In A Field, 9x12
"Reclined" - sketch for "Eve", 9x12
Sketch, 8x10
Sketch, 8x10
Warm Glow, 8x10
Exit, 8x10
Submerged, 8x10
Left, 9x12
Phoenix, 12x16
Connoisseur, 9x12
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